Self Portraits

This assignment called for five self portraits that say something about me. I was surprised by how difficult this proved to be. A couple particular challenges were framing myself. It was tough to take a photo, go check and see if the shot was composed how I wanted it to be, and then try to reposition myself to fix the composition. It definitely took more time to compose myself rather than someone else.

I’m pleased with the images I made in this little series. I had a hard time thinking of different lighting situations and locations that visually describe me. The photos that were easiest to create are the two shots captured in the studio. I like the studio because I have control over lighting and access to as many lights as I need.

The most difficult image to capture was the motion blur drum shot. It took a lot of fine tuning and tries to capture an image that shows the passion I have for music. I like the motion and raw emotion that the image portrays.

Runners Up

These a couple other self portraits that I took outside of this assignment that I really enjoy.

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