The Empty Art Department

Our story starts with a girl about to graduate from Idaho State University. My wife, Clarissa Jackman, is a talented artist and graduating senior. As part of an independent study assignment she was tasked to visit potential grad schools. This is a quick photo documentary of our time at the University of Utah.

We made some assumptions when planning our visit: 1. The doors would be unlocked. 2. Someone would be available to show us around and tell us about the grad program. Turns out we were wrong on both accords. We found a door in the attached architecture building that was cracked open. When we got in it became clear that the campus was a ghost town on weekends.

After sneaking in, we found our way to the art department. Clarissa was particularly curious about the print making studio. She spent about ten minutes admiring and critiquing undergraduate student work.

We finally found the pinnacle of our trip– The Graduate Studio. Unfortunately, it was one of the few rooms locked away. Clarissa inspected what she could of the studio through the large crack in between the doors.

Echoing hallways rattled with only our footsteps as we explored the sprawling department. The brown tiles and 1970s wood paneling brought a warmth to the otherwise cold and empty building. I knew the next day the hallways would see the heavy traffic of artistic hipsters that it normally does, but that day it felt empty. The tell tale signs of life on the walls made it feel eerie. It felt forgotten.

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